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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


--As I mentioned the other day, I think it's unlikely that Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's former deputy at the State Dept, was Woodward's pre-Libby PlameGate source. However, I find it much more plausible (and likely?) that Armitage was the anonymous whistleblower in Dana Priest and Mike Allen's Post story from September of 2003, as Steve Clemons speculates.

--I didn't blog the developments in the House of Representatives following Rep Murtha's call for a redeployment/withdrawl of US troops from Iraq. You may remember on Friday seeing Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt bring shame upon herself by calling Murtha, a decorated Vietnam veteran, a "coward" on the House floor. But wait, she was quoting somebody else, a Marine! That's what Rummy told Wolf Blitzer on Sunday's Late Edition. Well then, that makes it all better then: Schmidt was merely taking the pulse of the military and not slandering a Nam-vet colleague on the House floor. Except... the person she quoted isn't exactly what we'd call typical. At HuffPo, Max Blumenthal gives us plenty of background on just who Mean Jean's letter-writer, one Danny Pubp, really is. (UPDATE 11/22: Or is she a liar?)


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