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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It's a guarantee that we're going to learn a lot about John G Roberts in the coming days, both in the "facts" fashion and in the "spin" variety. There will be a lot said about him, many lines of both defense and attack from both sides. But let's put one of those attacks in perspective, shall we?

Both Digby and Chris Bowers call Roberts a partisan hack, and to support this position both of them cite his involvement with the Bush-Cheney legal team during the Florida recount saga in 2000.

Okay that's true. And there will be plenty of evidence linking him to GOP hackery, the least of which being his close association with Ken Starr.

But if it's alright, I'd like to point out that Roberts has been nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor who, if you recall, was the 5th and deciding vote in Bush v Gore, effectively handing George W Bush the presidency, and inspiring not one but two books by famous attorneys on how awful and unamerican that decision really was.

Okay, feathers ruffled, time for bed.


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