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Saturday, July 02, 2005


In a semi-humorous protest of the FEC, Atrios has turned his "blog" into "An Online Magazine of News, Commentary, and Editorial". Greg at The Talent Show was the first to make such a statement. Both have mused that now that they are legitimate media sources, subject to the protections others in the media receive, such as CNN, they will now devote a greater share of their news coverage to shark attacks and missing white girls.

(Go here to see who else is in on the fun)

I think I'll get in on the act. Not that I demand respect as a media member or anything, it's just that bandwagons are sometimes charming.

While the others fret about blondes in Aruba and sharks in Florida, I think they're all missing out on the cornerstone of cable news network coverage. And that is...

Semi-trivial celebrity birthdays.

Retired Outfielder / Hypodermic-pincushion Jose Canseco turns 41 today.

No doubt this will become a regular feature on TFM Magazine. In fact... I have an idea...


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