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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Ryan of the Dead Parrot Society is all over the 101st Fighting Keyboarders and their hissyfit over the Associated Press winning the Pulitzer for their war photogarphy in Iraq. The post includes an uncropped version of the Haifa Street photo that sheds more light on where the photographer was (i.e. FURTHER AWAY, YOU NITWITS!), and that maybe -- just maybe -- professional photographers in a war zone might have telephoto lenses on their cameras.

Ryan's first paragraph is an important one to remember whenever you hear the wingnuts criticizing this sort of war coverage:
If we don't run graphic images, it's because we're afraid they'd show people the barbaric nature of the terrorists we face, thereby causing the public to support the war [See: beheading videos]. If we do run graphic images, it's because we want to spread the terrorists' message, and we hope they'll sicken people, thereby causing them to be against the war [See: Fallujah, Haifa Street]
Heh. Indeed.

And lest I just point and not provide anything new, here's a Power Line flashback!
The beheading of Nick Berg should have the sobering effect of reintroducing us to the vile face of the enemy who is at war with us.
And now, after a little more investigation, TFM presents Power Line flashback #2! In this case, just as with this week, The Big Trunk is fooled by a case of photo-cropping. Go to this post, and then to this one.

Dead Parrot link via Atrios. Oh, and Digby has a more blunt take on the matter as well. For even more, there's Clark Stoosbury.

UPDATE: Athenae too.
Freedom isn't free, you miserable chickenshits. You cheer the war, you love the war, you love the troops, you support the troops. But to recognize their sacrifices would diminish your pleasure so you send the images away. You jackholes are the ones who are always bitching that the left "blames America first." You're the first to blame "the media," to blame "bias" when things don't look the way you saw them on the outside of the box. Why do you now blame the photographers who bring you images of the dead and wounded, of protest, conflict? Why don't you blame the terrorists? Why don't you go wave a little flag in the face all this carnage because certainly it's exactly the item you put your finger next to on the menu. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. LOOK AT IT. Print out every single one of those photos and paper mama's basement with them, chickenhawks. Here's your war, in all its glory. Max your credit card out, because freedom isn't free.


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