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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Even when Instapundit is fundamentally right about something, he can't help but give nods to two separate canards!

In his post, he agrees with Kevin Drum's point that Christian proselytizing and "Intelligent Design" have no place in the biology classroom of a public school.
So far so good. But then,
I suppose there are atheistic Intelligent Design fans out there somewhere, but I don't think I've met one. And I doubt that they really fit into the ID community.
(canards in italics) In fairness, Glenn conveys some measure of skepticism about the first of the two fake groups, so he gets off with a warning there. But the other one? No. The Falwellites want people to think that there's some sort of independent faction of curious, semi-religious "Goldilocks" types who have organized to push their viewpoint emphatically through a carefully-orchestrated campaign. Sure. The radical confused middle.

The arguments for and (mostly) against intelligent design are one thing. (It goes against human intellectual curiosity and the value of empirical research) However, the vast bulk of its proponents, if not virtually all of them, are from among the creationists. Anyway...


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