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Thursday, September 09, 2004


On today's Factor, Bill O'Splotchy quoted some viewer mail in his "talking points memo". Only this time...
...That kind of bias is why many Republicans watch Fox News, which is not selective in its criticism as the liberal press often is. For example, I get a ton of mail from conservatives who object to my independent approach.

John Luke, who lives in Mount Sinai, New York writes, "Hey, Judas, why don't you go sit in the booth with Michael Moore!" Apparently Mr. Luke would feel more comfortable with a pep rally for the GOP. So he writes an angry letter.

Jack Mehoffer, Springfield, Massachusetts says, "O'Reilly, I see the new Fox definition of fair and balanced means interviewing DNC chief Terry McAuliffe at both conventions."
Whoa there.

Jack Mehoffer? Bill, are you trying to tell us something?

As if to say "yes", Bill continues,
Well, right you are, Mr. Mehoffer.

I'll be listening to Franken tomorrow, no doubt.


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