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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Matthews, Ingraham, Ron Reagan, Fineman, Gergen. I'm happy 20% of the time. Though Laura ain't so bad when you mute the tv.

I should note: When Matthews asked the panel why the steady stream of KIA's in Iraq isn't making the news the way it used to, David Gergen's response was a clear echo of Paul Krugman's observation that the transfer of sovereignty to Iraq has effectively "Afghanized" coverage of the Iraq war. I should also note that Krugman was citing an observation previously made by Yglesias.

...I didn't watch MSNBC's Dem Convention coverage in July. Did they do those stirring promos with excerpts from the prior night's speeches then?

Matthews just shook up his panel. Now it's an unknown Republican "strategist", Fineman and David Gregory. Damn that liberal media!


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