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Friday, July 30, 2004


Salon's Eric Boehlert covers the punditocracy's reaction to Kerry's acceptance speech. Most everyone thought it was good to great, and the only response the pundits from the right had was, well, to nitpick:
MSNBC host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough critiqued Kerry's style, saying his speech had the "best text" of the week, but not the best presentation. Scarborough suggested Kerry stepped on too many of his applause lines: "If John Kerry had delivered that ‘Mission Accomplished' line and stepped away from the microphone the crowed would still be cheering. He blew through the best applause lines in a way Bill Clinton never would have."
Um Joe? Were you watching on Monday? Bill Clinton stepped on just about all of his applause lines. The reason? The 11 o'clock news. He wanted to make sure his speech ended at the right time. I thought Kerry paced himself rather well, with clock-management that would suit him for coaching an NFL team.

Here's my favorite:
The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes weakly told Fox News viewers that Kerry's "salute wasn't very good."


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