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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


(photo from AP)

Matt Drudge links to this with the headline:
ANNOUNCEMENT DAY: Editorial slamming Kerry was featured on official Edwards website!
I'm sorry -- well, no I'm not -- but what a nitwit. While the editorial does have a paragraph that's pretty hard on Kerry (as well as harsh paragraphs for all the other remaining candidates at the time), something tells me Edwards had a more compelling reason to feature the editorial: IT ENDORSED EDWARDS FOR PRESIDENT! Nice try, Matt.

How do I feel about Kerry tapping John Edwards for VP? In a word, great. I think it was Kerry's best possible choice for a variety of reasons. While it will be nice to see North Carolina become competitive (even if Kerry doesn't win it, Bush will have to expend more resources there now), I'm not all that big on the whole Southern thing. I mean, it's nice that with Edwards Kerry has a chance of being of being more competitive there, or at least helping Congressional candidates more effectively there. Still, in terms of the White House, 2000 showed that the Democrats can win without the South.

The biggest thing about Edwards is his natural ability to connect to audiences. I was never more excited today than when I pondered what Edwards' speech at this month's Democratic Convention will look and sound like. Not that anybody watches these conventions anymore, but still, he'll have an hour on primetime, interrupted only by raucous applause. The man is gonna electrify the Fleet Center. To say the least, that will be quite the contrast from 2000, with Lieberman's droopiness that makes Steven Wright look energetic by comparison.

Edwards' clarity, charisma and ability to connect will be the best thing ever to happen to the Kerry campaign's message. For more on that, I defer to Bill Saletan.

Lastly, there's the eventual VP debate with Cheney. Obviously, Edwards has a substantial charisma advantage over Vice President Go Fuck Yourself. But the problem is in the details: Too often during the Democratic Presidential debates, Edwards got a little lost on specifics in answering more esoteric questions. The original rationale for Bush tapping Cheney in 2000 was Cheney's "competence". Though it is worth wondering why that myth persists given everything since January 2001, it doesn't matter, Edwards needs to do his homework. The media will pounce on him if he makes any noticable errors. Of course, let's all remember the high standard to which our media held Governor Bush at this point.

For the next while, the programs of O'Reilly, Rush, Hannity etc will make very good "trial lawyer" drinking games. To which I happily respond: At least Edwards had a successful career before entering politics, which can't be said for some sitting Presidents I could mention.

Ok that's enough for now. Now let's all go laugh at the New York Post.


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