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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


I figured since cats were getting all the glory in blogtopia, it was time for their natural prey to enter the spotlight.

These are two of the six little finches that occupy a corner of our dining-ish room here in TFM's World Headquarters in Isla Vista. These two birds are actually mother and child! The four males -- certainly o'erflowing with sexual frustration -- are in two adjancent cages.

Though it's true that finches can/do masturbate -- you thought that was shit on your car -- such has not taken place here. Maybe they wait until the cage is covered up for the night. Eh.

Anyway, they're well-fed and happy, they sing (at dawn sometimes, not music to this college student's ears), and they get their luxury spinach from time to time.

They belong, first and foremost, to TFM Official Housemate Kim.


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