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Sunday, May 23, 2004


Well that's odd:
President Bush wasn't the only one who skipped the pomp and circumstance of his daughter's graduation from the University of Texas on Saturday. Jenna Bush did not participate either.

Despite her name being listed on the commencement program, Bush was not among the more than 150 English majors receiving degrees Saturday afternoon at the Austin campus. Attendance at the event is not required to graduate from the university.

Aides have said President Bush and first lady Laura Bush decided to skip their 22-year-old twin daughters' graduations because their presence and that of White House security would be disruptive.

Jenna's sister, Barbara, will pick up a degree in humanities Monday from Yale, her father's alma mater. The family will celebrate with private dinners.

A White House spokeswoman said she did not know why Jenna Bush did not attend the commencement but added that the administation declines to comment on matters related to the president's daughters.

"I guess it's understandable, though," graduate Jaclyn Trantham said at Saturday's convocation. "She probably didn't want the attention and the Secret Service and everything."
Funny thing is, a close associate of mine attempted to convince her parents to adopt the very plan executed here by Jenna (skip the ceremony, have private family celebration instead). Also, since her parents were not going to attend, that kind of undercuts the point of taking part in commencement. So in that regard, I understand.

But this is a Bush daughter we're talking about, and since the twins are now both officially legal and officially working for daddy's campaign, they're fair game. So, game on!

Bonus lame joke: Maybe Jenna bolted when she heard there would be a mandatory physical and drug test at the ceremony. "After that I studied with my classmates for several years..."

Bonus Fairness-Doctrine joke: Maybe she decided against going when she found out she couldn't borrow Alexandra Kerry's dress.

Bonus Meaningless Personal Opinion: For asthetic value, file me under Barbara.


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