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Thursday, May 27, 2004



Governor Schwarzenegger is getting pretty high approval ratings so far:
California voters are very approving of Arnold Schwarzenegger?s performance as Governor after six months in office. Almost two in three voters (65%) approve of the job that Schwarzenegger is doing and just 23% disapprove.

In two previous Field Poll surveys the job that the new Governor was doing was viewed veryfavorably, but this latest measure finds his ratings higher than any received by his two immediate predecessors, and approaching the record highs given two former Governors.

During the past forty-five years six men -- three Democrats and three Republicans -- other than Schwarzenegger have served as Governor. A Republican, George Deukmejian, received the highest rating of any Governor when in August 1985, during his third year in office, 72% of Californians approved of his performance.
Let's break down Arnold's support:


--McClintock righties approve: "He hasn't raised taxes yet"
--Moderate Republicans approve: "He hasn't raised taxes or cut spending yet"
--Partisan Republicans approve: "He has an (R) next to his name"


--Moderate Democrats approve: "He hasn't cut spending that much yet"
--Some partisan Democrats approve: "He snubbed Bush when he came to Cali, plus he's pro-choice"
--Some partisan Democrats disapprove: "He has an (R) next to his name"


--Independents approve: "He was great in them Terminator movies"
--Independents disapprove: "He sucked in Junior"
--Independents approve: "He sucked in those movies, but his new job will keep him from making any more of them for a while, so let's keep him in Sactown"

And there you have it.

Though the Field Poll summary notes that Gray Davis was also in the 60's in his first term.


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